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Flying Fish Series

The "Flying Fish" series was born from the minds of children and the inspiration of the whimsical animistic carvings of Bali. Given the assignment of melding nature, the animal world in particular, and the machinery of man, second-grade students created creatures of beauty and whimsy reaching heights that only imagination can achieve. The sculptures in this series are my interpretation of their ideas. Constructed primarily of wood (nature) and metal (man), they are to be suspended, as though in flight or gliding in the weightlessness of water. So far, all pieces are articulated and in some cases move slightly with the air currents around them. Materials have been sourced responsibly using recycled or naturally fallen trees. Some having their own unique stories. Viewers can make their own interpretations regarding their connection or message about environment, nature, industry, etc. For me it is the opportunity to work with some of the most unbelievably beautiful materials from around the world, satisfying my need to create and honor the imaginations of children unfettered by the pressures of modern life.

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