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Imagine snorkeling alongside large schools of great barracudas passing through the rock jetty in South Beach. Swimming among these majestic creatures, with their cold piercing eyes and long razor-sharp teeth just inches from your flesh is both terrifying and exhilarating. Pairing nature's killing machines with vintage warbirds seems only natural.

The bodies of the aerocudas are made of straight-grained fir, finished in the ancient Japanese technique, shou sugi ban, burning the surface of and oiling to preserve and waterproof the wood. Other woods used in this group include walnut, ash, purpleheart, cottonwood, cherry, birch, and bay myrtle. The wings are constructed of a Baltic birch plywood frame covered with recycled aluminum cans. Other materials include copper, epoxy resin, and glass eyes. Each piece measures approximately 4.5 feet long with a 4-foot wingspan.

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